35 no-nonsense celebrities that everyone seems to like, as pointed out by members of this online community

Many celebrities are hated by people because they recklessly exploit the power of fame and money, as they are so out of touch with reality. For example, Kylie Jenner’s eco-friendly 3-minute private jet trip was not appreciated by many people.

However, there are a few celebrities who are so humble and wholesome that they hardly have any haters. We are talking about those famous people who radiate such positive vibes that anyone would love to be friends with them. In fact, several Redditors think that some celebrities don’t have any haters.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the list below. Do these celebrities deserve all the love and adoration they get? Or do you know some stories that prove otherwise?

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Robin Williams rips

YourMominator added:

My old neighbor told me about when she met Robin Williams at a ski resort in Idaho. She was waiting for something and had a cup of hot cocoa in the cafeteria, when this guy in a white ski suit comes and asks if he and his ski instructor can sit with her, she agrees. They sit down and she realizes who it is. She introduced herself and then said it made her laugh for about half an hour. He said he also spilled his own hot cocoa. Funny guy, messy drinker. I sure miss him.

idkbroidk-_- , Kingkongphoto and www.celebrity-photos.com report

Dolly Parton Dolly Parton

poizyn64 added:

And Dolly has an amazing sense of humor and is very approachable and friendly. When there was a fire at the pigeon forge in TN and many were displaced, he gave money to the families for a while. It didn’t seem like much per family, but in rural TN, especially in the residential areas, there is a lot of poverty, so the prices are not that high. In addition, he is not afraid to advocate for so many causes and groups. She is a NINO. She is part of the TN which I am not ashamed of. She will surely talk to you if you ever meet her. Love her! I already said it, but his humor is the best. lol

Nairbfs79 , dollyparton report

Rick Moranis Rick Moranis. I mean, the guy literally gave up his acting career to be a full-time stay-at-home dad when his wife died…

David_323 , Sony Pictures report

Betty White Betty White.

youreyesmystars added:

She and the other three cast members (Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty) along with Angela Lansbury deserve the adoration and recognition they receive. I could go on and on about why each specific woman featured here is so amazing.

I have_questions1 , Alan Light report

Alan Rickman Alan Rickman, he made an a-hole like Snape kind of likeable. But honestly, I never heard anyone say anything bad about him. But I’m young, relatively speaking, in his career.

BurnBabyBurn07 , Marie-Lan Nguyen report

Brendan Fraser Brendan Fraser, friend went through hell both of them [physically & emotionally from back injuries & being sexually violated] and finally returns to Hollywood. Dude is as kind and humble as ever and I wish him the best. Also, Rick Moranis, who was once a big name as the nerdy guy everyone loved ([Even Sexiest Man Alive Ryan Reynolds]. The friend left everything to raise his children after his wife died.

go down to the explosion , Charlie Llewellyn report

Sir David Attenborough Sir David Attenborough

NormalJoee added:

My dad hates him because he bet me that he wouldn’t know the name of the guy who was narrating the show we were watching. Easy $50

Shiny_Hypno added:

This man is trying so hard to make the world a better place and we’re still kicking it for him.

That_United Kingdom , John Cairns report

Bob Ross Bob Ross

A_DifferentOpinion added:

I’ve literally never heard anyone hate him before, I find it funny that he was a drill sergeant before he painted

Lolofosho14 , Jeff Nyveen report

Maggie Smith Maggie Smith

KingDrool added:

The answer I didn’t know I was looking for. Even though I know almost nothing about her, I feel strangely sure that she is a wonderfully amazing and interesting person. Just thinking about her makes me smile.

Alternative Ad1984 , Focus characteristics report

takes Burton LeVar Burton. Great actor, host of a treasured children’s show and never involved in any kind of drama as far as I can remember.

sudo999 , Super Festivals report

Christopher Lee Christopher Lee. He fought in World War II, played Dracula, a wizard, a Sith Lord, and many other roles. He was also part of a metal band.

Icy_Wildcat , Manfred Werner report

John Ritter wasn’t just the nicest celebrity I’ve ever met, everyone on set was dedicated to working with him, he was truly one of the nicest people. When I interviewed him for our yearbook, since he was filming a scene with our school in the background, he let me sit with him while I prepared for a sad scene. He kept raving about how amazing the background kids had been all day (the hot summer day in Utah), the crew, and explained the scene in great detail. I am 17 years old and I was surprised by this class act that treats me like any journalist.

rayndrahps report

Brian May Brian May

Every time someone has a story about what a lovely guy he is, someone in the room has another one about him that’s even nicer

snow_michael , Raph_PH report

The late Sir Terry Pratchett. Amazing writer and generally nice guy, but not a pushover either

Magnificent claimant report

Steve Zahn. I’ve never heard a bad word about him, he plays a really weird role and my stepdad went to high school with him

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