A white pedicure is still the most popular nail trend of summer 2022

Summer may be coming to a quick end, but there’s still plenty of time for one (or two) more pedicures before you pack away all your sandals and trade them for ankle boots. You might not think about the hottest nail trends when it comes to your pedicure, but maybe it’s time to reconsider? Toenails are simply more real estate to embrace the latest animated nail looks. For example, Barbiecore pedicures, yes, the Barbie-inspired aesthetic is applicable to much more than manicures and makeup looks. Bright pinks, purples and white make for a perfect end-of-summer nail look that will see you through to fall.

There are simpler, more timeless pedicure looks too, of course. You can never go wrong with French tips, neutral pinks, or even a sheer shimmer—all chic options to try for fall. Chances are you’re very familiar with Hailey Bieber’s viral chrome nails, and you probably won’t be surprised to learn that the look is just as stylish on toenails. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, swirl nail art is still going strong and creates a playful pedicure design; and if you’re *really* into a standout look, literally give the 3D nail art trend a spin.

For all the info on your end-of-summer pedicure, read on to see the top picks that caught the eye of the TZR team this week.

Pink and purple marble nails

“Just because fall is around the corner doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy bright, summery nails. This pink and purple marble look is so pretty and the perfect way to combat end-of-year fears ‘summer. Plus, she’s giving Barbiecore in the best possible way.” — Catherine Santino, beauty news writer, TZR

Barely There Ballerina

“I’m not super adventurous when it comes to my pedicures. You will always find me in white or baby pink nail polish and the most nail art I will do is a French Pedicure. Call me boring, but there’s something so satisfying about a clean, simple, baby pink pedicure that will always hit the spot. — Annie Blay, associate beauty news editor, TZR.

Tennis ball toes

Since Beyoncé’s last performance at the Oscars, this neon yellow-green shade has been a favorite. Even though my manicures are starting to lean towards the upcoming fall nail trends, I always consider pedicures to be free space to do whatever you want, and this feel-good color fits the bill definitely on the bill. — Amanda Ross, beauty news writer, TZR

Encrypt while you still can

“We may only have a few more weeks of heat, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up sultry reds. Plus, your toes will still be out in open sandals, so you might as well rock them pop”. — Natasha Marsh, beauty writer, TZR

Less was said

“As summer starts to wind down (*tear*) I intend to strip my toes of all the paint for a nice fall/winter reboot. This no-polishing look can be done simply removing the color or with a proper pedicure and protein treatment I’ve been loving Olive & June Nail Brightener to get rid of the unique neons and nail art stains my summer pedi wore Trust on me, the toes can look totally styled without buffing.— NM

Bright neutrals

“I tend to go more neutral with my pedicure colors during the summer—I like how a light tan shade makes my legs look longer. A hint of metallic adds an eye-catching twist to this pedicure it’s summer and I’m feeling inspired to swap my cream eyeshadow for a brighter alternative on my next date. — Faith Xue, Executive Beauty Director, BDG

rich burgundy

“Once fall rolls around, I’m partial to darker, moodier pedicure colors, even if I don’t wear sandals as much anymore. There’s something extremely sexy about a deep maroon or burgundy on the toes.” — Hannah Baxter, Deputy Beauty Editor, TZR

Chocolate brown

“It might not look like the hottest option on the bottle, but never discount a chocolate brown shade when you’re on your date at the salon. It’s 100% a fashion girl favorite. — HB

Baby Blues

“Blue nails are one of my favorite nail color trends of all time and a soft shade of periwinkle or baby blue is exactly what I need to transition into cooler temperatures this season.” — HB

With jewels

“I like to end each season with a bang, and what better way to say goodbye to summer than with a dazzling pedicure! I love the 3D effect of these nail gems and how they work with any look under the sun.” — Angela Melero, Executive Editor

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