Best Netflix Movies & Shows: What’s Trending August 20, 2022

It seems like Saturday is here again, and those looking to kick back and enjoy some screen time are probably looking for things to watch. Well, never fear, because the Top 10 Netflix the lists are filled with some main display options. Over the past few days, both indexes have been filled with intriguing titles, some of which are exclusive to the streamer. Of course, there have been some changes in the rankings over the past 24 hours, and most importantly, the TV catalog has a new No. 1 show. So how about we do ourselves a favor and take a look at how things stand on the 20 August?

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Top 10 Netflix Movies in the US – August 20, 2022

Look both ways he’s still in first place here, and that’s not too surprising. The romantic drama features a strong cast led by Lili Reinhart and Danny Ramirez and has had relatively positive buzz among viewers on social media. Untold: The Bride That Didn’t Existthat you should know before looking, still sitting in second position. The vampire movie directed by Jamie Foxx, day shiftit hasn’t moved either, as it remains in third place. The next 365 daysa new addition to the list, has taken over at number 4, in what is a good start for the sequel to 365 days: this day. With that, the film has taken a step back unexploredwhich is one of best netflix movies Right Now.

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