Black Business Month: Urban Euphoria offers a unique and historic event space in the heart of downtown Rochester

ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) — August is National Black Business Month, a month dedicated to recognizing and appreciating black-owned businesses across the country.

Urban Euphoria in downtown Rochester has only been open for two years, but they’ve already made a big impact on the community.

The event center was started by two comedians, who met while performing on set one day and quickly became friends.

“She makes the shirt. She made the logo. She’s great with branding and stuff. I’m all about the people. I’m the social butterfly. So it just knits. It makes sense,” said Charletta Broome, co-owner and CFO by Urban Euphoria.

Broome and her business partner, Jnicolle Glover, quickly realized after meeting that they shared a passion for bringing something unique and exciting to the city.

“We got into this business because we recognized the need in the community for a safe space to be entertained, for people to express their different cultures and show their diversity. It didn’t exist before Urban Euphoria,” he said. CEO Jnicolle Glover.

Over the past two years, Urban Euphoria has hosted hundreds of events at the historic Jonathan Child Mansion, which was built by Rochester’s first mayor.

“We’ve had all kinds of events from weddings, baby showers, board meetings, corporate retreats, proms, we just finished a great prom season and this year we had several schools in town during the season graduation,” Glover said.

They also host Happy Hours on Fridays from 6pm to 11pm, where a local DJ comes in to help keep the fun going.

“He does anything, genre music from the ’80s and ’90s, hip hop, to now, and always, it’s a good time,” Broome said. “We have food, your favorite Friday foods, chicken wings, fries. I hear it’s the best in town.”

Broome and Glover say their goal with Urban Euphoria is to provide a space for people to make memories, while also helping other businesses along the way, especially post-pandemic.

“We’ve partnered with a lot of people who were able to continue to stay viable during that time,” Broome said. “We work with many chefs, many caterers. A lot of companies didn’t survive and so these partnerships we were able to help each other.”

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