California based music producer KILLAIMIJ is taking the dancehall music scene by storm

When it comes to the overall feel of a song or music album, a music producer plays an important role. When it comes to the music projects of upcoming artists, we often hear that a new music album or solo is in the works, but not all of them come to completion. The main reason for this is lack of resources. An artist must show his original concepts to be unique and exclusive. And that’s exactly what Sheldon Thaxter, better known as KillaImij, has done to leave a lasting effect on audiences, all thanks to his incredible sense of music.

Sheldon Thaxter has been known for producing light and off the charts music. With African roots, Killaimij comes from a rich cultural history famous for its fantastic sonic and musical fusion. He believes that dancehall, a prominent form of Jamaican music, has lost its appeal and has undergone a major cultural transition. In order to fulfill his passion and explore the world of music, Sheldon moved to America, where he joined the United States Marine Corps and rose to the rank of Sergeant. However, his dream was to work in the American music industry and revive dancehall music. KILLAIMIJ actually rose to prominence with the release of debut beat Clock Tick featuring former Portmore Empire member GAZA KIM’s hit single Bubble Up and received over 500,000 streams on Spotify.

KillaImij decided to produce innovative music with a genuine dancehall flavor. And he is already on his way to reinvent dancehall music with his music productions. After spending five years away from Jamaica and serving with distinction in the beloved US Marines, he is now focusing his discipline, honesty and commitment on his record label.”Killaimij Records.“He claims that his music label will exceed all expectations while striving to break all musical barriers, and some outstanding releases are expected to shock the music world in the foreseeable future.

Earlier this year, he released an album, Clock Tick Riddim, a melodic instrumental with an old school vibe that features artists like Potential Kidd, Dwayno, 9Grainz and King Dolla. His sophomore project is titled Buzzer Riddim and is driven by a heavy beat and features artists such as Munga Honorable, Maestro Don, Gaza Kym and I Octane just to name a few. So, it won’t be wrong to say that Killaimij Records is quite busy producing revolutionary music, and we’re all for it. According to the music producer, he plans to take things to a bigger level. He strongly believes that contemporary musicians and producers should tap into the skills and wisdom of the dancehall and reggae greats who have paved the way for this generation’s music. He says: “The future of music is connected to our past. If we want to raise the quality of music in the future, we must look to the past. We don’t have to look much further than Bounty, Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Sizzla, Shaggy and Baby Cham. We need to research them and learn about their musical discipline, how they organized their music, the patterns and styles they employed, their performance techniques, and how they managed their careers. By imitating the standards of our forerunners, we can set high standards for ourselves.”

A song should make listeners want to dance, have fun and feel good instead of ruining their mood and party. KillaImij claims that the party scene is not really suitable for people. Too many songs are being made about guns, con artists and hype. So where did dance music go? “At parties I hardly listen to songs for women. Where did the uplifting music go? Then there is the issue of selectors participating for financial gain. It’s really rotten to the core,” he reveals. Music used to be a breath of fresh air, and it was how we all connected and was the best medium for free expression before it died out.

Becoming one of the musical icons, the sensational Killalmij did not come to light overnight. With exceptional hard work and confidence, Sheldon Thaxter had to endure many hardships on his way to success. “Well, I won’t say it was all glitter and gold. No, it wasn’t an easy road. The competition is high, and the Reggae/Dancehall arena takes a lot out of you; sacrifice, hard work and dedication. You have to love what you do and be patient because you won’t see success overnight”, he explains.

Over time, the torch of modern music is being held high by artists like Sheldon Thaxter, whose ambitions and visions are so strong and refreshing that he is overhauling the music industry. Talking about her future plans, KillaImij says: “As for the future, I can’t really put a limit on it because as an ambitious person, if I say sign up for the posters, I know I won’t stop there. I’m sure I’ll have another plan to go even higher and beyond my previous best!”

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