Carrie Jose’s health and wellness column two reasons people over 50 avoid exercise

Is there really any exercise you should avoid when you’re over 50? Throughout my career, I have worked with many people over 50 who enjoy the same activities they did in their 40s, such as surfing, playing tennis, hockey, running, hiking, etc., so the short answer It’s not.”

None of these activities are considered “easy on the joints” – and yes, you may have to make some modifications to continue enjoying them – but you certainly don’t have to stop if you don’t want to.

So why do some people see age as a number, while others see age as a time to slow down and stop doing certain things?

When you’re over 50, the two most common reasons I see people avoid activities they love are because 1) they fear the pain will cause damage to their body and 2) they were simply told to by a medical professional.

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