Celebrity MasterChef names new contestants for the semi-final

Celebrity MasterChef spoilers follow.

Tonight’s episode (August 19). famous kitchen master saw Mel Blatt, Cliff Parisi and Gareth Malone battle it out for two semi-final spots.

The celebrities had to cook not only for the judges but also for the old timers Celebrity MasterChef contestants Vicky Pattison and Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock and 2018 champion John Partridge.

Despite the strong competition, it was so Gareth Malone who was eliminated, meaning Mel and Cliff are in the semi-finals.

From the beginning, it was Mel who stood out for his menu and culinary skills. The singer had changed her last-minute dishes to something she felt was more to her taste, making a cheese fondue with steak sandwiches and an open-faced haddock lasagne.


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His ambitious menu got the nod from both judges, despite concerns that he wouldn’t be able to finish the dishes in time. “If Mel gets the whole job, I’ll be full of admiration,” said John.

His headline went down well with the judges, earning a “cheesy winner’s winner’s dinner” from John Partridge and Vicky.

However, on the main course, Mel was cutting it right with 15 minutes to go and no pasta sheets done. Vicky was also wary of the dish, saying none of the ingredients were to her taste.

Despite the pressure, she managed to complete the meal, impressing all the judges and managing to change Vicky’s mind about smoked fish. “Well, when I’m wrong I’m wrong,” she said, pleasantly surprised by the lunch.

Meanwhile, Gareth and Cliff also impressed with their menus, but unfortunately the pressure got to the pair while they were cooking.

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Gareth’s steak main course received praise for the seasoning, but the texture wasn’t quite right. “He tried so hard, but there were a couple of things that let him down,” Vicky said of the dish.

Similarly, her apple sponge with custard anglaise fell short, with the custard poured in lumps. “I found it very difficult today,” he reflected after presenting his dishes to the judges.

While all three contestants put in a lot of effort with their food, the elimination came down to who made the biggest mistake of Cliff and Gareth, with Gareth saying goodbye to the kitchen master kitchen

“I’m very sad, but it’s really sparked my interest in cooking,” he said.

Which celebrity of the two remaining will make it to the finals?

Celebrity MasterChef is broadcast on BBC One.

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