Center @ Sixth helps launch black-owned businesses at the farmers market

Marquas Ashworth doesn’t plan to start her Center @ Sixth project until the spring, but she’s already sending two companies through her incubator program.

Once complete, the building at 1714 Sixth Ave. will host a non-profit organization that helps black and brown entrepreneurs build their businesses with the help of area professionals such as lawyers, accountants and planners.

To help test the concept, he’s working with Nadia La Baker and Jambo African Cuisine, helping both launch booths at the downtown Des Moines farmers market. Ashworth said the concept seems to be working and both owners have regularly sold their products every Saturday.

Month:Rapper and entrepreneur Marquas Ashworth is working to build black-owned businesses: ‘We can come together’

“It’s been great to see it work,” he said, adding “It’s more fun than making money, making music, making whiskey.” In addition to developing Center @ Sixth, Ashworth is a hip-hop artist, producer and founder of Media Fresh Records and creator of small-batch Ziyad Rye whiskey.

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