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As some people head back to school while others enjoy what little summer they have left, it’s still a good time to pull out some certified beats from your favorite queer artists. Billboard pride we’re proud to present the latest edition of First Out, our weekly roundup of some of the best new music from LGBTQ artists.


See the latest videos, charts and news

See the latest videos, charts and news

From Demi Lovato’s rock-focused new album to Panic! As Disco returns to its roots, check out just a few of our favorite releases from this week below:

Demi Lovato, San Fvck

If rock is truly “dead” (spoiler: it’s not), then consider Demi Lovato to be its bearer. With his eighth studio album Saint Fvck, Lovato uses punk, metal, industrial, and various other permutations of the genre to exorcise her own personal demons, to far greater effect than any of the other albums she’s attempted to do so before. Sometimes erotic (as in mid-album “City of Angels”), furious (cuts like “Eat Me” and “Help Me” seethe from stop to end), and even bad (highlight “Happy Ending” almost guaranteed). suffocate you), San Fvck offers a map through Lovato’s rebirth as a true rock star, ready to rage with this killer new LP.

Panic! at the discotheque Long live The Vengeance!

Brendon Urie has long been praised for his excellent cover of the Queen classic “Bohemian Rhapsody”; so why wouldn’t he make an entire album that expressed the kind of spectacle that turned British icons into overnight superstars? come in Long Live The Vengeance, a bright, glam-rock concept album in which Panic! At the Disco pushes the genre to its limits. Some songs work better than others (“God Killed Rock and Roll” and “Sad Clown” stand out as winners), but one thing’s for sure: Urie is here to give you a show you probably won’t forget.

power, “she”

Daya just can’t get “her” out of her head. In this delicious synth-pop jam, the singer-songwriter tells a simple story: in the midst of a romantic entanglement with a male suitor, Daya’s mind simply refuses to think about anyone but her ex. He may be censoring the moment (singing “Can I have fun for a minute?” in the song’s euphoric chorus), but we’re loving it.

Chloe Moriondo, “Fruity”

While she may not be known for her bubblegum pop offerings, Chloe Moriondo is ready to try something new. “Fruity,” the latest single from her upcoming album, gives listeners an almost 8-bit version of the singer’s voice as she delivers a lovelorn ode to being called “sweet” by her significant other. Fitting almost every fruit-related aphorism he can into the song’s catchy verses and chorus, Moriondo is ready for you to grab this delicious pop song.

Serpentwithfeet, “I’m Pressed”

Let Serpentwithfeet hit you with a genre shift that will surprise you and make sense too. It’s not that “I’m Pressed” breaks new ground for the singer — he continues to deliver his moody, well-sung R&B style throughout the song’s first verse. It’s just that when the chorus includes a bass and drum section that demands you dance, it feels out of left field for an artist so associated with soft, laid-back jams. But we’re certainly not complaining – the new vibe only adds to Serpent’s incredible talent, making it an instant standout amongst their already excellent discography.

Riotron & Big Freedia, “Drop a Bomb”

Oh, you all want a camp? Canadian pop-rock project Riotron has you covered with “Drop a Bomb,” a slick, danceable new single featuring the much-acclaimed Queen of Bounce, Big Freedia. Throughout the fun new track, Jeff Fettes (the artist behind the project) layers infectious dance beats with a relatively simple set of “dance all night” lyrics. But the titular bombshell comes, as always, when Freedia’s verse hits, as she commands the dance floor to get up and rock it with this delicious single.

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