NCET Biz Tips: Unlock the Keys to Success at NCET Small Business Expo

Lisa Cano Burkhead

Starting a small business requires determination, passion and discipline. That’s why small business owners in Nevada are some of the most driven and resilient people I’ve met. However, running a small business also requires a lot of learning: there are licenses to obtain, new skills to learn, and sometimes just plain uncertainty about where to look for information.

That’s why I’m so excited that the Nevada Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology is convening its 16th Annual Small Business Expo in Reno on Friday, October 7th at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center.

From 9 am to 4 pm, Nevada entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn about the skills needed to run a successful small business. Best of all, entry is free with a business card.

Nevada is one of the best places to start a business. From our state’s low tax rates and cost of living to a favorable business climate and strong talent pool, Nevada stands firm in its support of small business owners.

According to business formation statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, new business applications have increased to record highs across the country, and Nevada is leading the way.

In the Silver State, a record 67,500 business applications were filed in 2021. The Census Bureau predicts that nearly 4,700 new businesses in Nevada will become employing businesses by 2022.

While our state continues to recover from the pandemic, we know that small business owners face challenges. Competition for skilled workers remains fierce. Supply chains are disrupted. But, there are state agencies and organizations in our state that are working tirelessly to make sure that our small business not only gets back to normal, but that it comes back stronger and more resilient than ever. NCET is one such organization.

The NCET Small Business Expo is where small businesses and entrepreneurs can tap into some of the best help, guidance and insights from other successful businesses that have overcome this challenge.

More than 100 exhibitors will provide detailed and practical information about products and services that can make a difference for small business owners and startups. Exhibitors range from lawyers and business-oriented financial firms to web service providers and advertising agencies. Attendees will find opportunities for networking and one-on-one conversations in an informal setting.
Most importantly, as an attendee, you have the opportunity to build new business relationships and hear new ideas that can make a difference to your business.

For many years, the NCET Small Business Expo has connected tens of thousands of small business owners with those who can help them grow.
As Nevada’s lieutenant governor, I wholeheartedly support small businesses and individuals who have taken on the challenge of building a better future for their families and our state. That’s why launching the Small Business Advocacy Office in my office was one of my first priorities upon taking office.

And for that, I support and applaud NCET for providing Northern Nevada business owners a venue this October that can positively impact their businesses in the future.

I strongly encourage all aspiring and current business owners to experience the next NCET Small Business Expo.

Lisa Cano Burkhead is the lieutenant governor of the state of Nevada. Lisa Cano Burkhead, a lifelong educator, is Nevada’s 36th lieutenant governor. He launched the Small Business Advocacy Office earlier this year, serves on the board of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, and chairs the Nevada Tourism Commission and the Nevada Recreation Advisory Council Open air.

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