The 10 Best Netflix Shows and Movies: New and Trending Today, August 22

Michelle Monaghan, echoes

Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

One of Netflix’s most successful genres is the psychological thriller limited series that prioritizes twists over everything else, like believable characters or a story that makes sense. The last one is echoeswhich, like the shabby success of the end of summer last year clickbait, is written by Australians but set in America. It stars Michelle Monaghan as a pair of twins who secretly swap between lives, but then one of them disappears. It’s No. 1 on Netflix’s daily list of the 10 best TV shows for Monday, August 22, a spot it climbed over the weekend after it was released on Friday.

But popular doesn’t necessarily mean good. Below, we list the 10 best movies and shows on Netflix and give our quick take on whether or not they’re really worth watching. We’ve also added today’s new releases on Netflix so you can find out what’s on tomorrow’s top 10 list. If you’re looking for more Netflix recommendations, we’ve rounded up the best Netflix movies and the best Netflix TV shows.

What’s new on Netflix today

  • Ridley Jones Season 4: Animated children’s show about a girl who protects a museum where exhibits come to life that can only be described as dora the explorer they meet Night at the Museum meets, of course, Patrol Canine.

The 10 Best Netflix TV Shows Today

David Thewlis, The Sandman

David Thewlis, The sand man

Liam Daniel/Netflix

1. echoes

For fans of: The “psychological thriller limited series on Netflix” genre.
Is good?: Have any “psych thriller limited series on Netflix” been good?
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 1

2. The sand man

For fans of: Skewed aspect ratios that make you wonder if there’s something wrong with your TV
Is good?: Is perfect? No. Was the 25+ year wait still worth it? Yes. [Review]
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 2

3. high heat

For fans of: soap operas with many episodes, Station 19
Is good?: It’s as melodramatic as you want it to be
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 4

4. I never have

For fans of: Teen romance, teen drama, John McEnroe
Is good?: Season 3 is as funny, smart, and heartfelt as ever [Review]
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 3

5. Strange things

For fans of: Strange things80’s kids going in and fighting monsters
Is good?: It’s not as great as it used to be, but it’s still one of the most entertaining shows on TV
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 6

6. To shine

For fans of: Competition reality shows, make-up tutorials, killing
Is good?: Yes, it’s a good show
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 5

7. Virgin River

For fans of: Distinctive films
Is good?: It’s an incredibly popular and incredibly soapy romantic drama
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 7

8. Locke & Key

For fans of: Keys, teenagers, supernatural events
Is good?: Gets a solid ejection in his third and final season
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 9

9. The Cuphead Show!

For fans of: Slapstick humor, the Cuphead video game
Is good?: It’s great that there’s a show that does animation in the 30s, even if it’s not for everyone
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 8

10. Instant Dream Home

For fans of: Extreme home makeoverbut faster
Is good?: It’s fun but very stressful
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: n/a

The 10 best movies on Netflix today

Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka, The next 365 days

Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka, The next 365 days


1. Look both ways

For fans of: Sliding doorsLili Reinhart, rom-coms
Is good?: That’s all right
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 1

2. Untold: The Bride That Didn’t Exist

For fans of: catfishreevaluating old news
Is good?: Yes, it’s a pretty good sports docuseries
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 2

3. day shift

For fans of: Vampire Hunters, Jamie Foxx
Is good?: It’s a silly vampire movie that works better as a weird trailer than a full movie
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 3

4. unexplored

For fans of: Inferior Indiana Jones imitators, video game adaptations
Is good?: Shows that Tom Holland may be a movie star outside of Marvel, but he’s not good
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 5

5. The next 365 days

For fans of: 50 shades of greygraphic sex
Is good?: The first two 365 days the movies were terrible, and this is more of the same
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 4

6. Sing 2

For fans of: Singing animals, famous voices, popular music
Is good?: Kids love it
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 6

7. The gray man

For fans of: Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, big budgets, explosions
Is good?: All this money and it’s still pretty boring
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 7

8. The Informant

For fans of: Thinking you’re watching The informant! and you get confused when you don’t see Matt Damon
Is good?: A boom-boom licky nah
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 9

9. purple heart

For fans of: Health insurance, the military, the music industry
Is good?: It’s bad
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 8

10. Fullmetal Alchemist: Scar’s Revenge

For fans of: Live adaptations of anime and manga
Is good?: Only anime and manga fans can tell
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 8

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The 10 best Netflix movies and shows for Friday

The best TV shows on Netflix right now

Jason Bateman, Ozark

Jason Bateman, Ozark


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