The jazz pianist wants to make ClassiciJazzical a modern style of music

ClassicJazzical – A combination of traditional and classical jazz merged as one.

GLASTONBURY, Conn, August 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It’s 2022 and summer is winding down, but the music is heating up. James A Norkawich has released an EP entitled “Classical Elements” which highlights two classical composers, Chopin and Rachmaninoff. Both works by these immortal composers show not only the depth of their compositions, but also the technicality and diversity of James A Norkawich. Classical music and jazz have a lot in common even though they are two different styles of music. Classical music requires a certain skill set to stay on point with the music as written, and there is no room for any other interpretation, whereas jazz opens the door to improvisation, the structure of colorful chords and more freedom to move around the instrument.

Despite this, ……

by Chopin – winter wind (Op.25-11) and the Rachmaninoff Concerto (no.2) 1St The movement, both show an element that is not only technically challenging, but also shows the improvisational elements that Jazz brings to the context of any Jazz piece or performance.

James captures the key elements that provide the listener with a sense of emotion and movement while capturing an element of harmony and reality at the same time. This is James’ first classical EP, and he hopes this will introduce more people to his brand of jazz, Classical Crossover, and pretty much any style he wants to play on the keys or with his pencil in tablature.

Classical music, like jazz, has always been considered a special type of music for a certain type of audience. This stigma is something James would like to break down with his own brand and blend of artistic expression. James has gained worldwide acclaim with his brand Classical Crossover, who are simply classically trained artists who make pop over music, but stay true to form in the style of classical music.

This style, combined classical and jazz, James tries to mark as ClassicJazzical that could have the beauty of a piece from Mozart’s art to the instrumentation of Charlie Parker i Miles Davis. “It’s been done before,” James recently said in an interview, “but now we’re going to take it to new heights never seen or heard by the mainstream music media. We have to think outside the box, develop something new and to be able to leave a legacy to our children and our grandchildren. Music is what heals the soul. Music is the soundtrack of our lives, so why not make a good one, and one that has sustenance and tangibility ? That’s what I’m fighting for, and I think this EP will show.”

The Classical Elements EP will be available on all streaming platforms


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